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What We Offer Our Clients

Exclusive Focus on Personal Injury Cases

Our firm is focused on helping our Florida locals in need of legal help – Jay M. Wasserman and his team; as Jay has managed all of KWB’s personal injury and wrongful death litigation for many years, he’s truly an expert and is available to help you Let Jay Help.

No Fees Unless We Win

No hidden fees, no small print. We don’t win, unless you win. We choose to utilize the contingency fee policy for our personal injury cases; fees are governed by the Florida Bar the percentage is set when you choose us to represent you. If we’re unable to receive a settlement for you, you won’t owe us a dime. If you do receive settlement at the conclusion of your case, we will collect the set percentage from the settlement that you receive – you will never pay us out of your own pocket.

We understand that many of our clients have been badly injured, cannot work and have limited financial resources We work for them and will expend all of the costs to bring and prove their claims. We only get paid for our fees and costs if we are successful in collecting monies for you We are in this together from the day we first meet and are retained until we hand you your settlement proceeds. We represent you with respect and understanding. Your financial well-being will never be jeopardized when you choose us to represent you.
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Multilingual Staff

The ability to effectively communicate with clients and potential clients is a vital skill that we as a multilingual staff are happy to embrace as we welcome diversity and the opportunity to expand our reach. As a firm that understands the importance of continuing education we choose to continuously grow, learn and diversify to better serve our clients.

Over 120 years of collective experience

The best method of learning and growing is by experience; and we have the experience required to best serve you in your litigation pursuit. Combined, our attorneys have been practicing law for over 120 years and have handled upwards of 7,000 cases in Florida. We have helped thousands get the compensation and recovery that they desperately deserve. We are here to help you.

Proven Track Record

With our experience, knowledge and passion for helping those in need we’re extremely results-oriented and we’ve got the track record to prove it. As all of our attorneys are members of or have qualified to be a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar and Million Dollar Advocates forum – we seek and get results. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which entails the Multi-Million

Dollar Advocates Forum was established in 1993 and is among the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is only extended to lawyers whom have won million and multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients. Country wide there are around 4,000 members, less than 1% of lawyers in the United States are members of this elite group. We take pride in the results that we’re able to produce for our clients, as helping people truly is our passion and it shows in what we’re able to do.

Our firm has recovered in excess of 200 million dollars on behalf of our clients.

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Educated In Miami

Mr. Jay M. Wasserman, who is in charge of our personal injury practice, is not only a native of Florida, he’s also received his wealth of knowledge in the state as well. In 1987 Mr. Wasserman received his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Miami cum laude, with great honors. Raised in Florida, educated in Florida and now helping the people of Florida. Let Jay Help you as well.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

As the attorneys of our firm have the combined experience of over 120 years – that entails extensive trial experience. During their involvement with the trial process and in concluding thousands of cases over the years, our attorneys have helped our clients receive over 200 million dollars in compensation for damages they’ve incurred. Let our best personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale help you get the justice that you deserve.

Free Help With Property Damage

If you’ve been researching lawyers in the area, in search of the right one for your unique situation – you quickly discover with only a few phone calls that most law firms don’t help their personal injury clients with things like vehicle repairs. We have never understood this. Truth be told, most firms do not want to deal with the ‘headache’ of property damage claims because they are not paid to do so.

That is because most contingency agreements provide that the attorney is only paid on the recovered personal injury related losses. We operate differently, – we help our personal injury clients with their property damage losses – for free. We never charge a client for their property damage recovery settlement. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to the very best of our ability and helping to alleviate as many burdens as possible. We’re honored when someone chooses us to represent them and we greatly value every client. The little things make the difference

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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer

talk with an accident Lawyer

We understand that a personal injury lawyer is not someone that is you hire when times are ideal – we understand that a personal injury lawyer is hired when you are in pain, worried about how you will get needed medical treatment, how you will pay for it, how you will get your car repaired or replaced, how long you may be out of work, and how will you get your bills paid. There is a vast array of emotion, of worry, the hurt you’re experiencing; we understand your damages and struggles. Let Jay Help. At our top-rated Fort Lauderdale law firm, we value the opportunity to work with each and every client that reaches out to us for help, as helping our neighbors in need is where our passion lies. We have a great deal of empathy towards every client and their unique situation as we take the time to know our clients and their case in their entirety. The drive and compassion that fills our Florida law firm is what sets us apart. Our firm is diverse and our experienced lawyers all share the same objective: to help each client achieve the absolute best outcome for their given situation. Our scope of practice is devoted to handling personal injury and wrongful death claims. Historically, most cases are resolved without the need of filing a lawsuit; however, we will litigate and take a case to trial if necessary. Our philosophy is that we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. We believe that this strategy is the reason that most of our cases are successfully resolved without the need for the trial. Rest assured that we have the knowledge, financial resources, education and experience to help you with whatever situation you need help with. We are selective in our caseload in the sense that we take appropriate time required for each case. When you choose us to represent you, we’ve devoted ourselves to you and your case and will do all things necessary to represent you to the best of our ability. We will put our extensive experience and financial resources to work for you.
We work tirelessly for clients, sometimes around the clock, whatever hours that are needed – our level of devotion and commitment is why our clients see results, why so many of our clients refer us other clients. We are reachable seven days a week because accidents occur at all hours, including weekends and holidays. We understand that if you have had an accident on a weekend, or late at night, you are worried about what you must do, whom you can and should speak with, and how you will financially be able to survive, at that moment. You don’t want to wait to speak with someone the next morning to discuss your case. We understand these concerns and we are available to speak with you and to help you now. We also don’t want you speaking with anyone unless we are by your side to protect your interests. We choose to act as your voice and will not just stand next for you but will stand up for you. We will work very hard to help you get the recovery that you not only need but deserve. Our personal injury law firm Fort Lauderdale, Florida is efficient and very successful – as we’ve been that way since our doors opened so many years ago, and due to our work ethic and dedication – we will continue to operate that way. Results don’t happen by accident, results happen by preparation and hard work. Results matter. We choose to be the best that we can possibly be by continuously bettering ourselves through continuing education and continuously diversifying ourselves to ensure that we’re knowledgeable in every aspect of pertinent law and that we’re aware of revisions and changes made to the law as things are ever-changing. Our best Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers are a combined powerhouse of knowledge, ready to provide every client with only the best legal help and advice. We’d be honored to represent you and help you through the situation you’re experiencing. Please contact our Florida injury law firm at your earliest convenience. We’ll evaluate your case for free – we don’t win unless you win; if we’re unable to receive a settlement for you, you will not owe us anything. We are here to help you. Unable to come to us? No problem – we’ll come to you. hospital, home or work – you name the location convenient to you, and we’re there.
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You do not pay any fees until we win the case.

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Let Jay Help

Our result-driven team is on standby for you. Over our many years of practice, we’ve helped thousands of clients get the compensation and recovery that the not only need but desperately deserve – don’t hesitate to get ahold of us as we’ll fight for you to get results as well.

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Meet Jay M. Wasserman

Meet the ‘W’ of KWBR law firm – Mr. Jay M. Wasserman, Attorney at Law. Jay manages all personal injury and wrongful death litigation for the firm, as that is his scope of expertise. Jay was born and raised in South Florida – a true native of Florida, his passion lies in helping those in need close to home. Mr. Wasserman grew up in a working-class home; his father, an accountant for a non-profit and his mother, a homemaker. Jay’s mother and father worked together to raise him and his brother and sister, with emphasis on the importance of working hard, respecting others, education and integrity. Jay’s parents always made a point to put their family first; they made it a daily requirement to sit down as a family each night at the dinner table and share what each had learned that day. Although Jay and his family had little money; Jay’s parents somehow found a way to support him in his educational endeavors. With their love and support, Jay attended Georgetown University for two summers while he was still in high school studying communication, debate and argumentation. While studying, Jay worked as a bus boy; washing dishes to help save for college. Jay attended the University of Chicago and studied economics. He then earned a scholarship and attended the University of Miami School of Law. Like the Firm’s co-founder, and Jay’s personal best friend, Steve Katzman, Jay understands the importance of loyalty and commitment. Jay is happily married to his wife Debbie of 31 years and has three daughters. Jay makes a point to treat all of his colleagues as family. He values spending time with his family and knows the time and dedication that it takes to be a good husband and father. Jay stresses the need for his employees to take the time off to attend their children’s school events and dance recitals, to take the time off to celebrate special anniversaries and birthdays with their families. Many KWBR colleagues have young children and Jay encourages them to work hard; both for the firm and for their families. Many of Jay’s staff have been with him for nearly two decades. Family is key to Jay, as well as the firm and its staff. This dedication extends to the firm’s clients. Prior to founding the KWBR Fort Lauderdale law firm with Steve Katzman; Jay previously worked with the prestigious firm of Weil, Gotshal and Manges – a international law firm. Jay then formed his own law firm nearly thirty years ago to focus solely on his personal injury practice. He is truly an expert in handling Personal Injury and Wrongful Death claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Slip & Fall, or Premises Liability injury took place at a store; can I receive compensation?

The details of each case vary, as no two are alike. The specifics of the individual case will ultimately determine if recovery is owed. However, public places, such as stores, are responsible to keep floors and walkways clean and safe for the public. Property owners and their employees should have policies and procedures that control the frequency and method to keep the store or public space clean and space. Public facilities and businesses should have a system in place that involves routinely checking the safety and maintenance of the building and property. For example, if something slippery on the floor causes an individual to fall and the person that fell hurt themselves, and it can be proven that the property owner or employee was aware that the hazardous spot was in existence, or did not follow protocol, the injured person may have a case and be able to receive compensation for the damages incurred. Further, if a store employee caused the dangerous condition to occur, the store may be similarly liable for damages to the injured person. This is a complex area and we urge you to contact us immediately. Take photographs of the area where you fell, identify, if you can, what caused you to fall and where it may have come from. Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Note the names of managers that are on duty or may come to assist you. Do not wish your clothes ion the substance that caused the fall in on you. Also, do not discard the shoes you were wearing.

Over the last thirty years, we have handled many Fort Lauderdale slip and fall cases. It has been our experience that most people, when they fall, are embarrassed and are quick to leave the store and want to go home. Often, they do not realize how badly injured they are. This desire to “rush to get out of the store” often makes it much more difficult to prove the case. This is because sometimes the clients did not tell anyone that they fell, and even if they did, did not take photographs with their cell phone, get the name of a witness or try to determine what caused the fall. So we urge you to take our advice and takes pictures, look to see what caused the fall and where it may have come from, notify the manager and get witness names and phone numbers. Then call us immediately so we can help you.

When will the court hold that a property owner “should have known better” or failed to address the dangerous or hazardous area in a reasonable manner?

The jury (and in some cases a judge) will likely determine whether the property owner acted appropriately when the potential danger on their premises was not taken care of or rectified in a timely manner. This may involve many areas of inquiry such as the amount of time a reasonable person or property owner would’ve taken to remove the dangerous condition

Can I potentially file a Florida Medical Malpractice lawsuit even though my case doesn’t involve an invasive procedure or surgery?

Absolutely! Medical Malpractice claims are not limited to negligence or omission causing injury or bodily harm during an invasive surgery or procedure. Non-invasive examples of Medical Malpractice can include, but are not limited to: misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, wrong dosages of medicine administered, wrong medicine administered, failure to treat, etc.

Can I receive compensation or a settlement for my damages incurred without going to trial?

YES. Every case is unique and no two cases are alike, however, in most situations cases are settled on or agreed upon before a formal lawsuit is even filed. Further, most lawsuits are settled before the need for trial. With the help of best Fort Lauderdale, FL auto accident lawyers we can help you reach a fair settlement for damages and injuries that you may have incurred. It’s rare that a Florida automobile accident lawsuit makes it trial. Settlements are common as they are typically in the best interests of all parties to the litigation.

Awards & Accolades

AV® Preeminent™
An AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rating is an outstanding achievement and demonstrates that a law firm has earned the highest rating available for their legal ability and professional ethics. Our firm has achieved this highest designation. Our clients can proceed with confidence that they will be well-represented.

Million Dollar Advocates Forum & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
Established in 1993, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which entails the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, is one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements. There are over 4000 members throughout the country and less than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. All of our attorneys have achieved multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

Super Lawyers
Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process is multi-phased and includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers ™
The Bar Register is the definitive guide to America’s leading lawyers and law firms. Only the most distinguished law practices appear in the Bar Register – those that have achieved the prestigious “AV®” rating, the top ranking in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. This rating is the result of a structured peer review and is based upon the confidential opinions of practicing attorneys and members of the judiciary. Just 5% of all law firms in the country qualify and are included, making yours one of the most distinguished and respected in the country. The Bar Register has proven to be an invaluable reference for lawyers, support staff and other information professionals looking for the leading practitioners in a given location or practice area..

Palm Beach & Martin County’s Top Lawyers
American Registry, LLC is an independent company that serves businesses and professionals such as Steven M. Katzman who have been recognized for excellence. American Registry offers news releases, plaques and The Registry™, an online listing of over 2 million significant business and professional recognitions.

The Wall Street Journal & Miami Magazine “Top Attorneys in Florida”
The Wall Street Journal and Miami Magazine yearly rating service of outstanding lawyers, attorneys and legal firms in Florida. The selection process is multi-phased and includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

University University of Chicago, B.A., Economics, 1983
Law School University of Miami, J.D., cum laude, 1987
Admitted 1987, Florida; 1992, U.S. District Court, Southern and Middle Districts of Florida
Memberships Broward County, South Broward and Federal Bar Associations; The Florida Bar (Member, Civil Litigation Section); Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers; Million Dollar Advocates Forum.
Born Miami Beach, Florida, January 5, 1961
Biography Order of the Coif. Member, University of Miami Law Review, 1985-1987.

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