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We strive to provide the best representation possible for each client – as that’s what they deserve. We work closely with skilled professionals who can be called upon to testify as expert witnesses. Each lawyer in our firm has been practicing law on average for more than 30 years. We believe that we are experts in handling nursing home abuse and neglect claims. We have the resources and knowledge required to help our clients receive the compensation and recovery that they are due.
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Nursing home negligence and or abuse are typically the result of inadequate staffing, poorly trained staff, poor management, and other issues. We’ve encountered all types of neglect and violence over the years.

regularly occurring problems

Unfortunately, most life-threatening injuries or injuries that ultimately lead to death in nursing homes or long-term care facilities are not isolated incidents of abuse or neglect. They tend to be a regularly occurring problem, and, in most cases, there are multiple contributing factors related to death. Our highly reputable law firm is well prepared to thoroughly review facility records, investigate the nature of the abuse or neglect, and provide guidance and counsel. Preparation is critical to the success of the claim. Accident Lawyers Fort Lauderdale has handled many cases such as this and has experience in these matters.

examples of nursing home abuse and neglect:

  • bed sores
  • sepsis
  • infections
  • falls
  • fractures
  • burns
  • malnutrition
  • inadequate medical care
  • choking
  • unreasonable restraint
  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse

Recognize the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Nursing home abuse can take on many forms

Physical, sexual, or mental abuse is unfortunately somewhat common. Each type can cause substantial physical injuries to the individual as well as psychological suffering to include loss of dignity, self-respect, and diminished quality of life. Unfortunately, many of the residents at nursing facilities are genuinely helpless to defend themselves from abuse.
Unfortunately, residents with the ability to communicate choose to remain silent about the abuse or neglect that they’re experiencing as they may be afraid or feel ashamed. Commonly, the individual isn’t physically able to verbalize what’s happening to them. This abuse makes it imperative to be able to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.

warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect:

  • unusaul bruises
  • random scrapes and cuts
  • unexplained hair loss
  • changes in behavior to staff
  • broken or fractured bones
  • bedsores
  • changes in behavior to family

Sexual Abuse in the Nursing Home

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Sexual abuse of a nursing home resident

Sexual abuse of a nursing home resident includes any inappropriate, unwanted of a sexual nature. Unfortunately, residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities are especially prone to sexual abuse as they are incredibly vulnerable. This abuse is even more so evident for residents of the nursing home who are younger. Some younger residents may be immobile or unable to communicate. It is hard for anyone to imagine the existence of such abuse, but it does occur. Just recently, a young woman who was in a permanent vegetative condition gave birth to a child, apparently from sexual abuse from a caregiver.
Anyone can inflict nursing home sexual abuse: a staff member, a resident, or even someone visiting. In many situations, the nursing home can be held accountable for criminal actions due to their negligence.

Examples of neglect that can lead to sexual

-Failure to supervise & monitor visitor interaction

-The omission of employee background checks, or inadequate background checks of employees

-Failure to properly manage resident interaction

-Allowing residents to be left in a vulnerable situation

Mental Abuse in the Nursing Home

Abuse is not limited to physical and sexual

Abuse is not limited to physical and sexual, and it can very well be psychological or emotional. Nursing home mental abuse can include verbally degrading, threatening, manipulating, and isolation of the resident. In situations where mental abuse is occurring, the harm is sometimes inflicted by an employee that wasn’t properly screened, poorly trained, or not adequately supervised. Spiritual abuse is typically tough to prove. When psychological abuse is present, it’s common that other forms of violence are taking place as well.
If you suspect that a friend, relative, or loved one has suffered an injury or has been victimized and suspect abuse or neglect. Do not hesitate to call us immediately as we’ll work to intervene and protect your loved one as soon as possible. Our initial consultation and case evaluation are always free.
If the injuries that your loved one has suffered are the result of abuse, neglect, or assault – the resident victim may be entitled to compensation. We do not charge out of pocket fees or expenses unless we win. If you suspect abuse, seek legal help as soon as you are made aware of, or suspect an issue, as with every possible claim, each comes with a deadline.


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